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The Bruery - Mash & Coconut (2016)

The Bruery - Mash & Coconut (2016)

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Barleywine-Style Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels w/ Coconut


United States

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The Bruery - Mash & Coconut (2016)

  • Alcohol by Volume: 13.1%
  • Bottle Size: 750-ml
  • Serving Temperature: 52–58° F
  • Suggested Glassware: Tulip, Teku, Snifter or Pinot glass

This barleywine-style ale takes The Bruery’s core bourbon-barrel-aged barleywine and adds coconut at about a pound per gallon. We found the robust contribution of the coconut and the barrel aging to be presenting so good right now—this beer is perfectly aged, drinking so smoothly, and does an incredible job of having its coconut additions smooth out the edges of potent core barleywine and barrel character. At 13+%, this one’s ideal for sharing.

This pours a deep, deep reddish-amber color, capped by a modest degree of off-white foam. Mash & Coconut pours almost the color of dark maple syrup, or a rich redwood. Generous initial aromatics point to brown sugars and deeply caramelized maltiness—a generous and superbly rounded start, with ripe red fruits and the beachside smoothness of the coconut. It lands like toasted marshmallow, or the crispy top of crème brulee. Expands as it warms up.

This beer’s just tasting great right now. A subtle but zesty underpinning of carbonation gives Mash & Coconut a lot of life, bringing out more of the core fruits and amber maltiness near the center of this beer’s profile. This is the perfect sort of beer for aging, with a whole lot of smoothness at this point and complex, highly appealing sherry-like character from the extra aging time. There’s a ton going on here: intensely developed caramelization, ripe cherry, lots of coconut-tinged core warmth, and warming edges from the bourbon barrel influence. This is our favorite sort of big beer: super generous, perfectly textured, packed with depth.

We’re really enjoying where this beer is at, already having a few years of aging behind it. But Mash & Coconut is more than robust enough for some additional cellar time. This will need appropriately robust fare for pairings: maybe chocolate caramel brownies, or caramel crème brulee. For more main-course fare: spicy (maybe tropical?) braised short ribs.

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