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New to The Rare Beer Club®? As a member, you’ll get:

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Limited-Release, Celebratory Beers and Exclusive Selections

All of our selections are presented in 750 ml bottles; most are also cork finished and wire caged. We often help introduce products to the US market so you'll be the first to try them. You’ll also get beers brewed exclusively for our members, like Jolly Pumpkin’s Lupulo de Hielo, an oak-aged spiced blended ale.

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Barrels, Brett and Innovative Ingredients

We work with breweries like Belgium's Fantôme, where brewer Dany Prignon continues to dazzle the world of craft beer with products like Fantôme Chocolat, a Belgian saison brewed with cocoa powder and chili pepper. Many of our featured beers are aged in French oak, bourbon, or even cedar barrels and are brewed with brettanomyces and other wild yeasts.


Imperial and Extreme Beers

Many brewers are now offering beers to consumers in small-batch releases that were once enjoyed only by their inner circles. Imperial or Extreme beers are often bigger versions of existing styles. More malt, more hops, and much higher ABVs, some of which exceed 12%. They are often complex, celebratory offerings, meant to be shared and sipped as you would enjoy a fine spirit.

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Selections You Can Age

Many selections will offer high enough hop acidities and ABVs to allow them to be laid down and aged. Members can easily reorder their favorite selections, set them aside, and see how they've matured in months and even years to come.

This Month's Featured Beers:

Brouwerij Boon - 2012 Geuze Mariage Parfait

It's almost like it's gilded. The aromatics on this are just expansive: salty, citrusy, clenchingly tart, with just layers and layers of fruit-driven sourness, brine, and 100%-pleasant funk. This conjured memories of sharp bleu cheeses, tucked in there with honeyed cantaloupe notes, a pervasive sour-citrus core. The nooks in the aroma were endless. As this warms, that citrus, lemon-like approach further opens up to offer more underlying...

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Adelbert's Brewery - Scratchin' Hippo

This pours a ruby brown with honeyed edges. A light-tan head caps things, leaving thick lace as it subsides. There’s light viscosity here—hinting at the hippo’s slightly more-rotund ABV. The aroma’s like peppery cola, with sweetening notes like cotton candy and brown sugar set beside yeast-driven bittering elements: clove, white pepper, maybe even a whiff of smoke. A nearly minty crispness pervades the nose: that sense of a soft, spicy...

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Beers That May Be Substituted In For Your First Box

To substitute, please call us to order at 800-625-8238

Calicraft Brewing Company - Buzzerkeley

Calicraft's Buzzerkeley is fermented with Champagne yeast, using pure California Starthistle honey as well as a selection of malts sourced from the U.S. and Belgium. The label speaks of it as such: "The honey sugars are almost completely fermented, drying out the beer similar to a Belgian Golden Strong or Dry Champagne." The note seemed entirely on point to us. This one pours a deep, bold golden color, capped by firm, textured foam that left...

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Argus Brewery - Rosie Cheeks

Argus' Rosie Cheeks is a hugely expressive saison, if crafted around a rather traditional core. The malt bill consists mostly of Pilsner, as well as 10% wheat malt—which shows through in the texture and head retention. For fermentation the brewery employs a French saison strain that they purposefully let do its work at lower temperatures to get the yeast profile just right. Overall, those wheat additions and the saison yeast offer a nice and...

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Telegraph Brewing Company - Buellton Silent Partner (Rare Beer Club Exclusive)

Telegraph Brewing Company's Buellton Silent Partner a great looking beer, offering everything we'd hope for from a world-class saison from the onset. A beautiful, hazed honey-golden like a sunrise, bright and bold in the glass, with a firm white head that tends to fill up the remainder of one’s room. Solid retention and lacing that coats the interior, and minuscule, glistening bubbles from its bottle conditioning...

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Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Ursae Majoris (Rare Beer Club Exclusive)

The tart, generous aromatics on this just spill out of the glass… But one thing at a time. This pours golden along the edges, like liquid honey, while the core color veers more towards rich mahogany and, of course, leather-bound books. We're fancy people, despite what our lovely significant others say, and this is, by all appearances, a fancy friggin beer: pulpy, honey hued, with lots of vibrant color variation from edge to center...

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Odell Brewing Company - 180 Shilling

[$5.50/bottle extra] Odell's 180 Shilling is an upsized riff on the flagship beer they opened their doors with back in 1989: the also-delicious 90 Shilling. As the brewery explains it: "Still a favorite today, we're celebrating our Silver Anniversary with a double version of the recipe that started it all." We, unabashedly, were totally into this one. An undercurrent of roast meets huge, glorious levels of caramel and dried dark fruits and sherry, with...

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Odell Brewing Company - Fernet Aged Porter

[$5.50/bottle extra] Odell’s Fernet Aged Porter is actually a blend of 50% porter and 50% porter that’s aged in Fernet barrels via Leopold Bros. Distillery. As Odell notes: "Their distinct Fernet includes lavender, honeysuckle, ginger root, bitter aloe, dandelion root, rose petals, chamomile, and peppermint." Inspired by the framework of dark, minty liqueurs, Odell combined the core elements of minty licorice barrel notes with the base of a...

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Odell Brewing Company - Trellis

[$5.50/bottle extra] This was a standout one for us: a charismatic strong ale brewed with locally grown herbs and spices from The Gardens on Spring Creek. Trellis employs a potent pale ale background and showcases its special additions: cilantro and coriander—along with lavender, rose petals, and pineapple mint. Along with being an expressive (and wholly unique) offering, every bottle of Trellis Garden Ale sold results in one dollar going to...

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Odell Brewing Company - Jaunt

[$5.50/bottle extra] Jaunt is an intricate 7.6% ale which incorporates the juice of Riesling grapes from the Western Slope of Colorado. This excursion-appropriate beer is also aged with light and medium oak staves during secondary fermentation. Additions of wheat and Pilsner malt serve to keep this smooth and crackling. Jaunt pours a hazy, dense golden color with an impressive off-white head, the resilience of the latter's lacing hinting at...

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