AguaMala…This ain’t no Corona, Baby!

AguaMalaI’ve been wanting to run a Mexican craft brewer for a while now as there are quite a few that have popped up in recent years making really nice beer. The AguaMala Brewery initially sent us four beers to check out: a 3.4% session pale ale, a 4% amber ale, a well hopped American pilsner, and a 7% IPA, and we really liked them all. As much as we loved the IPA, we were really impressed with the two session beers. It’s a real art to be able to deliver that kind of flavor and body at such a low ABV. Makes me want to head down to Tijuana, plop down on a bar overlooking Avenida Revolucion for say…6 or 8 hours…and drink a lot of (good) beer while pounding street tacos.

AguaMala produces six or more other beers which we’ll be taking a look at as well and we’re going to do our best to line them up in the next 6 months. Sweet label art too. Stay tuned.