Beer and Hot Sauce in My Stocking?
Oh hell yeah…

infinity sauce 2So I’m always looking for some cool smaller gifts to drop in stockings and to give our mailman, the Arrowhead water delivery dude, our gardener, and most of my neighbors (there are one or two that remain on the “No Gift For You!” list). Normally this time of year, I’m heavily focused on promoting what we sell as you might expect. We’re a pretty good last minute gift and it’s a big time of year for us. But today I want to tell you about a buddy of mine, John Kessler, who launched Infinity Sauces a little over a year ago.

Now I dig me some hot sauce, but wouldn’t call myself a heavy user. Typically a small bottle lasts me half a year or longer. I wanted to support John’s new venture last year so I bought an assortment of 18 bottles, intending on giving away 17 of ‘em. That’s not quite what happened. I ended up keeping 6. He focuses more on flavor than the heat in his line and his Chipotle and Double Chipotle sauces are nothing short of amazing. Literally every single person that I’ve shared them with has asked me how they can get more. He’s got quite a few ass-kickers as well made with ghost chilies for those more partial to the heat, but want killer flavor with it. His most recent seasonal release, The Hatch-Qautch, was recently quoted as being the Pliny the Elder of hot sauces based on quality, demand, and availability. His next seasonal is a variation of his Chipotle that will more than likely be made with Left Coast’s Voodoo Stout, a big, roasted, 8.5% American Stout. And he’s going to be exploring barrel aged sauces next year. You could say that I’m excited for him…and for me as I can’t wait to get my mitts on a sauce that’s been aged in an old bourbon barrel used to age an imperial stout (or whatever he ends up doing!).

His stuff is already a bargain, but John was cool enough to give me a coupon to share with our members. Use coupon code: “monthlyclubs” at checkout and you’ll get 20% off your order. He’ll keep the coupon live until Dec 31st. You can find him at I wouldn’t pimp his stuff if it weren’t really, really good. You’ll dig it.