Brett’s July Featured Beers Top Pick

grieskirchner-weisse - cropped for blogOkay folks, with the July shipments on their way to our members and some of them beginning to arrive, it’s time for me once again to provide a bit of a preview by selecting my top pick from among our US and imported 12-oz beer selections. In May I chose one of our American selections (Lost Coast’s 8-Ball Stout), while last month I chose an import (Morland’s Old Crafty Hen). What’ll it be this month?? Well, chalk up another one for the imports – Grieskirchner Weisse, a Bavarian-style Hefeweizen from Austria takes my top spot this month.

Honestly, there’s just something incredibly refreshing about coming home at the end of the day and popping open a top-notch hefe in 90°+ summer temperatures. The Grieskirchner Weisse (previously known as Grieskirchner Jörger Weisse) hits all the tasty and traditional weissbier notes: bubblegum, hints of banana, grass, hay, spicy yeast, and a bit of lemony acidity. Also, phenolic, herbaceous notes of clove combine with the robust carbonation that’s so typical of the style to offer a refreshing, prickly counter to the creamy core of malted wheat that manifests with its typical “twang.” Give me a deep supply of hefeweizen, and those hot summer days can keep on coming!