Brett’s Top Pick for May Beers


For members who might not yet be aware, our May selections are up on our website, so for a sneak peak you can check them out here.

As newsletter writer for The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club’s 12-oz clubs and a member of the tasting panel, I thought it would be fun to highlight my top pick from among the six U.S. and imported beers we select each month.  Now for May, I must say it’s a very tough call because I think we’ve got a really strong lineup of solid beers that are all very on-point examples of their respective styles. Old Dominion and LostCoast are long-standing and well-loved breweries on their respective coasts, and I’ve been a fan of the Czech brewery Primator for quite a few years now.  But, since I’ve got to pick just one—that’s the rule (that I’m imposing on myself)—I’m going to give the nod to Lost Coast’s 8-Ball Stout. (My apologies to an old favorite of mine, Indica IPA—you know I still love you babe, don’t be mad, sometimes you just gotta have a stout!)

Oatmeal stouts are known for offering a hint of sweetness and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel due to the inclusion of oats in the grain bill.  8-Ball is a prime example of the style; it just gets so much right.  The beer’s mild sweetness balances well with the drying notes from the West Coast hops and roasted malts.  Those drying notes end up a little stronger in the finish, clearing the palate and preparing you for another sip.  Delicious and super-drinkable, this one is food-friendly but is great on its own too.  And, with the ABV coming in under 6% it’s certainly sessionable in my book, but it also packs enough flavor to work as a satisfying nightcap at the end of your day. Enjoy!