The Bruery’s Six Geese a Layin’ Secured for the November Rare Beer Club Shipment!

The-Bruery-Dark Beer-GlassWe just got word from The Bruery that they’ll be able to give us part of their annual holiday vertical 12 Days of Christmas series this year.  We’re pretty excited about it as we’ve run the series for the last four years and the response has been consistently nothing short of phenomenal.

Here’s what we know about it so far.  This year’s release, Six Geese a Layin’, will be a Belgian dark strong ale brewed with golden berries (aka “CapeGooseberries”).  They’re using a specialized yeast strain for primary fermentation and then finishing it with their house strain so it will have a different yeast character than year’s past; somewhat spicy and a bit more of fruity ester notes.  You’ll want to stock up and cellar this one boys and girls!