The Festival

The FestivalI attended perhaps the best beer festival that I’ve ever gone to last weekend…And I’ve been to several hundred over the years. The Festival, put on by an importer that we work closely with, Shelton Brothers, had an amazing line up of beers. There wasn’t one bad one in the lot and I tried as many as I could. It was more productive than most as I got to catch up with many brewers we’ve worked with over the years as well as hang out with quite a few new ones to discuss special projects for 2015. We’re going to ramp up our game in The Rare Beer Club and feature even more exclusives that we ran this year (7 all tolled). Stay tuned for further updates on the following breweries: Mystic, Oxbow, Rappi bier factory, Rooie Dop, The Rare Barrel, Siren, Moor, and Side Project, among many, many others!

I only snapped one shot of the current 27 year old co-head brewer at De Molen, John Brus. After hearing a bit about his life and work, I asked him, “You know you’re living the dream, right?”. He knew.