Getting reacquainted with an old friend, Fantôme’s Magic Ghost

Magic GhostThis beer tripped me out when we first featured it back in 2011 and once again over three years later when I busted open a bottle I had stashed from the 2011 run. It was still green to be sure, but not quite as vibrant as it was when we first ran it. Definitely a creeper that didn’t feel anywhere near 8% and I found the beer’s herbal qualities to be even more pronounced after some time in the bottle allowing it’s hop profile fade. As I was drinking it, I imagined Dany, the head brewer, darting about in the forest collecting various twigs and vines to toss in the mash. Still a definite lemon/lime citric nature to it and I still got the green tea notes that we picked up originally.

Suffice to say, my mood was altered a bit after downing the bottle while not doing much of anything else on our deck. It was pretty good (my mood) before I opened the beer…But really much, much better after the ghost worked his magic. Be sure to check out our original full tasting notes from when we first ran it.