Government Shutdown Impacts Breweries and Potentially The Rare Beer Club

IO FrontIn case you’re wondering just how the government shutdown might directly impact you, here’s a pretty interesting read posted by Adam Nason over at BeerPulse that outlines the significant impact it’s already had on the brewing industry.  As many of our own Rare Beer Club featured beers are new to the US market or were created exclusively for the club, they require federal recipe and/or label approval and sadly this has put at risk two outstanding up and coming featured selections, Jolly Pumpkin’s Los Vivos y Los Muertos, a pumpkin lime saison slotted to go out this month and The Bruery’s Six Geese a Laying, the sixth release in their 12 days of Christmas holiday vertical offering.  Both beers await federal label approval and may have to be pushed to a later month.  Rest assured, we have several equally impressive beers slotted for future months that we’ll simply move up if we have to push those not approved.

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