Greg Meets Michael Jackson for the First Time at The GABF

Post 4-editedThe pinnacle of beer festivals back in the day (and many would argue still today) was The Great American Beer Festival.  Twenty years ago, it was a bit of a drunk fest.  You’d have four hours to hit as many breweries as you could out of the 1000 or so on the floor and could drink as much as you could put down in the time allotted.  I’ll never forget seeing some cat drink out of a spill bucket after the taps were closed. Apparently, he wasn’t full after his 4 hour beer odyssey.  Anyone of importance in the brewing industry was there including Michael Jackson who was largely considered to be the World’s leading authority on the subject of beer while he was alive.  He later helped found The Rare Beer Club™ and we do our best to do his legacy justice every month.