Los Vivos y Los Muertos – An October Exclusive Jolly Pumpkin Rare Beer Club Feature

IO FrontOkay, so if you’re sitting around saying to yourself, “Self, give me one good reason why I should join The Rare Beer Club™?”, I’ve got one for you.  Jolly Pumpkin’s Los Vivos y Los Muertos was brewed exclusively for our members and the only way you’re gonna to get to try it is by checking out the club.  There are only a handful of breweries that, when we think back over the many offerings we’ve had from them over the years, have been basically perfect. This is one of them.

We were sold at the nose.  A few excerpts from our newsletter:  “Even that first whiff of the aroma suggests this is more than a simple rustic saison: there are deep stone-fruit notes (of peach and plum), the vigorous citrus of a lime wedge, all mingled within an expansive Brettiness and yeast character: light tropical fruits, pepper, sourdough bread, a hint of cheese.”

You’re going to love this beer.  I guarantee it.  Does that sound like an ad from a men’s clothing store or The Hair Club for men?