Which Mad Beer to Run in Our Next Special Offer…

IMG_2169Mad Beer is a collaborative beer brand from Chef Jakob Mielcke and brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergso with the intent of creating a family of craft beers brewed specifically to be enjoyed with food.

Last Friday, we sat down and tried four from the line with the intent of picking a winner to include in our next Rare Beer Club™ special offer. We cracked open a bottle of Salt, Bitter, Umami and Sod, secretly hoping the Umami would be the clear winner as conceptually, it’s a pretty cool beer.

At the end of the day, they’re all pretty damn cool really, but we found Salt to be the most interesting of the lot. Its namesake is pretty prominent up front, but the beer takes you on a rollercoaster of flavors and moves into a more earthy, funky, and slightly sour middle pretty quickly. You get some stone fruit notes and nice bretty accents and a pronounced mineral characteristic throughout, the brett and the Ume plums flavors working very nicely together. The boys at Mad Beer suggest serving it with oysters, but feel it would compliment just about any kind of seafood nicely.

We’ll be offering it to members of The Rare Beer Club™ later this month in extremely limited quantities.