National Lager Day

What are You Drinking for National Lager Day?


I think it’s fair to say that the craft beer world in the U.S. is dominated by ales. But, being that today is National Lager Day, we’re raising our glasses in celebration of craft-brewed lagers and the brewers who are dedicated to making them.

Today at lunch I celebrated National Lager Day with a Sprecher Special Amber (yes, there are perks to working for a beer club). First time I had one of their beers, I thought they were a German brewery. Between the brewery name, label design, and my impression of the beer itself, I could have sworn it was fresh off a boat from Bavaria. But no – it was from Milwaukee. Wow, if only the “macro” brewers in Milwaukee made beers like these!

We’re always excited to find a good craft lager, as they’re just not that common. Rarer still are brewers like Sprecher, whose focus is on lagers and whose beer portfolios are stacked with a multitude of different lager styles. Sprecher is an old favorite of mine for this very reason. (Keep a lookout for their beer in an upcoming Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club shipment.)

So what are YOU drinking on this National Lager Day?