One Czech Bug Can Do a Lot of Damage!

Drunk-BugIn over 20 years of running this club, I’ve yet to run into the problem we had last month bringing in our import selections from Primátor. Everything was perfect. We were all fired up to bring you the Czech Republic’s strongest beer, a 10.5% Double Bock from Primátor which was a perfect beer to run in April when many bocks are traditionally released. And then we got a call. There was a problem in customs. Upon opening our container, they found one bug in one pallet, seized the little shit and promptly locked back up and secured our malty cargo.

We waited a full week to see whether or not the beer would be released, all the time offering solutions such as repacking every last case on to new pallets, but in the end, it was not meant to be and the whole lot of it was sent back across the pond to be repacked and returned on another ship. We scrambled to move up either our May or June beers so your shipments wouldn’t go out late and pulled a rabbit outta you know where to make it happen. I’m also happy to report that you will get to try that amazing double bock, just a few months later.

I hesitate to rail too hard or name the customs office that made the call to send everything back due to one bug as we still don’t have the beer in hand. I guess they’re just doing their jobs in the end, but it sure seemed like a bit of an over-reaction at the time…and a costly one at that!

Rest easy knowing that we are 1000% committed to getting you the goods each month on time.