So many good beers, so little time…


If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about what to toss on your grill or smoker this weekend.  I’ve got a dark rum soaked, brown sugar pack smoked salmon recipe that’s pretty tasty…and easy.  I just make it look a lot harder than it is so I can spend more time manning the smoker and drinking beer.

The bigger question is what beer will I be drinking while carefully tending the coals and wood chips.  It’s a lofty decision since as the father of 3 year twin girls, I don’t get a whole helluva a lot of chill time by the barbie with a beer.  I’ve got a tasty beer I picked up as a Society member to The Bruery, Melange 3, a 15.5% blend of Black Tuesday, White Oak and Papier.  It’s an ass kicker though so I may have to invite someone over to assist with my duties. That or put the girls down early and call it a date night.  Option B:  I can’t seem to get enough of the Logsdon Organic Seizoen Bretta we ran in March.  It could very well be my all time favorite saison.  Okay, I’m going to take a stance on that and confirm it right now.  Love that beer. Flavorful and complex as hell. Check Ken’s tasting notes on it:

I drink beer like I order food when eating out.  I study the menu ad nauseum, narrow it down to my top 2-3 picks and then order something else.  I’ll keep ya posted.

What are you grillin’ and drinkin’ to celebrate the arrival of summer this Memorial Day weekend?