TGIF: Mother Earth Brew Co. – Sin Tax Imperial Stout

Feb 27, 2014 (15) - croppedOn this rainy, stormy day in southern California, what better beer to enjoy than an imperial stout? Our choice for this afternoon is Sin Tax from Mother Earth Brew Co. in Vista., and this unique beer delivers the goods.

Its description as an “Imperial Peanut Butter Stout” caught our eye, and compelled us to try it out. Turns out that there are, indeed, distinct peanut butter overtones here that are super unique and enjoyable. But the peanut butter doesn’t over-power the beer – it’s just one component. There’s a well-developed roast character here as well, reminiscent of bitter chocolate, and it melds well with the prominent hop-driven bitterness that keeps this beer quite dry for the style, at least until a bit more sweetness comes through with warmth. The peanut butter notes and the smooth body make for a wonderfully creamy impression.

At “only” 8.1% ABV, it’s not the biggest, baddest imperial stout out there, but that’s not what it’s going for. Instead, it’s a unique and quite drinkable brew – and it was a real crowd pleaser. Everyone in the office enjoyed it. If you can find a bottle of it, try it out!

(Mother Earth’s website states there are no peanut allergens.)


Feb 27, 2014 (21)-cropped