Two Rare Beer Club Exclusives in one Month? NoDa Brewing Company’s Tart Attack is coming your way!

NoDa Tart AttackThis is our fourth year partnering with Pints for Prostates, a non profit organization founded by Rick Lyke that raising awareness about the disease and encouraging males to pursue regular health screenings.  Each year we work with Rick and a different brewery to create a unique beer that’s available only through the club and at a rare beer tasting Rick hosts annually at The Great American Beer Festival.  For this year’s beer, we managed to finagle our way onto the brew schedule of NoDa Brewing Co. in Charlotte, North Carolina, which just opened in late 2011.

NoDa is bringing to fruition one of the preceding themes of their NoDable Series: beers based on the traditional German Berliner Weisse style—one of the most refreshing drinks in existence—each with an atypical twist.  Tart Attack takes the refreshing aspects of the Berliner Weisse style—lively carbonation, medium-light body, plus a core lactic tartness—and carries them on a different path than usual, with the addition of blackberries.

If you’re into sour beers, you’re going to want to try this one.