We’re working with Grand Teton to create still yet another Rare Beer Club™ Exclusive!

Grand Teton Brewing Company LabelI love what I do…How cool is this?

Grand Teton calls me up and says that they want to put some of their XX Bitch Creek Double ESB in some barrels and create an RBC exclusive for us.  Initially I like the idea and ask how they feel about doing aging it in something a little more off the beaten path… I’m thinking like Rum maybe or Brandy… They dig it and started looking for sources for barrels.  Later, I toss out the idea of cranking up the ABV closer to 8 or 9% (it’s normally weighs in about 7.5%).  They like it and the brewmaster’s suggestion is to blend it with another one of their bigger special releases to get there.  So now it’s really getting cool.

We’re still working out the details, but it’s slotted for December as we wanted to give our Rare Beer Club™ members a little sumpin’ special in their stockings this year!