Craft Beer in Cans?

Heady TopperSome of the best beers in the world are only available in cans, such as Heady Topper.  So the perception that cans are only for crappy macro-lager is as outdated as the perception that American beer is only crappy macro-lager. Many experts say that canning can help the beer in many ways by protecting it from light, provide an air tight seal, and make it easier for transport just to name a few. But does it affect taste? Many experts say that the can itself won’t affect the taste unless you drink from the can itself but as most brewers and experts agree, you should always pour your tasty brew into a glass regardless of the packaging.

For us, the most compelling reason to go with cans is that it will open up more breweries for us to feature, because some breweries do not bottle their beer at all – they only use cans.

What is your take on cans?