Goats, Spring, and Bock Beer

German BockToday is special my friends.  One of significance, with deep historical roots, and one that will bring some sense of relief to many I’m sure.  Today is National Bock Day, and it also happens to be the 1st day of spring.  Bocks come in many different styles and variations, but they were typically brewed to welcome in the spring season and bid adieu to winter.

This past winter was pretty brutal to many due to some extreme weather sweeping across most of the nation.  There were even some uncommon appearances of the season in some of the southern states.  Remember all those people in Atlanta caught off guard by the winter storm and forced to succumb to its fury, abandoning their cars on the freeway just to get back home?  Well it’s time to put that all behind us now and welcome in this magical time of year.  Flowers bloom, picnics are be planned, the birds start to sing again, bears awake from their hibernation, and Bocks are in their prime.

Bock, what a funny word.  But it’s more than just a funny sounding noun, it actually has some meaning.  To be exact, it’s German for “Billy Goat”.  Thank goodness that has nothing to do with the listed ingredients, but more to do with old world influence.  During medieval times, old German monasteries would brew a strong bock as a source of nutrition during their Lenten fasts.  Others believe it was made with more of a pagan connotation, only being brewed during the sign of the Capricorn goat, hence the name “Bock”.

So whatever your cause, there’s surely a reason to be found to enjoy a nice Bock this spring.  What’s yours?