July 2015 Rare Beer Club® Special Offer

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Today it’s our pleasure to announce another Rare Beer Club® Special Offer! You can read a summary below or visit the special offer page for full tasting notes and access to the order form.

If you’re new to the club: welcome! One of the best things about being a member is that, in addition to our normal monthly selections, you can take advantage of our periodic special offers on additional exciting and hard-to-find beers.

We’re very excited to offer four delicious beers from Colorado’s Odell Brewing Company – specifically from their Cellar Series, which are very limited production beers usually available only from their tap room. And, like our June feature from Odell, Barrel Thief, three of the beers below have aged on wood. Cheers!

  1. odell-brewing-logoJaunt – Incorporating the juice of Riesling grapes from the Western Slope of Colorado, Jaunt is also aged with light and medium oak staves during secondary fermentation. Additions of wheat and Pilsner malt serve to keep this smooth and crackling. 7.6% ABV.
  2. Trellis – This very unusual strong ale is brewed with locally grown herbs and spices including cilantro, coriander, lavender, rose petals, and pineapple mint. Along with being an expressive (and wholly unique) offering, every bottle sold raises one dollar to support The Gardens on Spring Creek. 8.7% ABV.
  3. Fernet Aged Porter – A blend of 50% porter and 50% aged porter matured in Fernet barrels via Leopold Bros. Distillery. Inspired by the framework of dark, minty liqueurs, Odell combined the core elements of minty licorice barrel notes with the base of a chocolate-malt-forward porter. 9.4% ABV.
  4. 180 Shilling – An upsized riff on the flagship beer they opened their doors with back in 1989: the also-delicious 90 Shilling. We, unabashedly, were totally into this one. An undercurrent of roast meets huge, glorious levels of caramel and dried dark fruits and sherry, with a perfect impact from the oak. 9.6% ABV.

Flexible ordering allows you to order 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 total bottles, combining any of the 4 featured beers in any way to get there so that you can easily try all four. Orders ship after our July 31 cut off date.

Order online or at 800-625-8238 Mon-Fri 7 am – 5 pm Pacific. If your Rare Beer Club®membership was a gift, you will be contacted by one of our team members for payment information if you submit your order online.

Click the “Learn More” button for full tasting notes, and to access the order form.

If you wish to get any of these limited selections, please respond to this special offer by 12:00 PM Pacific on Friday, July 31, 2015.


Kris Sig