July Member of the Month – Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

July MOM“Hi, I joined your ongoing monthly beer club as a gift to myself. I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices, but your beer club is something I can’t live without. Your beer club gives me access to beer I normally wouldn’t be able to get and introduces me to beer and breweries I didn’t even know existed. At the beginning of every month I check to see the featured selections online and then anxiously await their arrival later in the month. I love tasting all the different beer and supporting craft breweries. Sharing the beer with my wife and other family members makes every month more memorable than the last. Thank you for the great club and the great beer! You have a member for life!”


Hi Todd! We love the beer set up (and the shirt), it’s looks perfect for sharing with family and friends! We also love to hear about our members supporting craft breweries, the more support they have, the more choices we can bring to you! To keep those memories coming, you have been selected as our Member of the Month! Congratulations! A free shipment is coming your way! 

Remember, Members of the Month receive a free shipment of beer! SUBMIT YOURSELF OR YOUR GROUP PHOTO FOR CONSIDERATION! If your submission is selected, we’ll extend your membership by one more month! Get your photo & letter in now and e-mail your submissions to mom@monthlyclubs.com.