Arcadia Brewing Company - Hopmouth

Arcadia Brewing Company - Hopmouth

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Double IPA


United States

Alcohol by Volume:


Arcadia Brewing Company - Hopmouth

  • ABV:

  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    50-55° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip or Snifter
  • Malts:

    Cascade, Columbus, Centennial
  • Hops:

    Maris Otter, Crystal, Caramel, Chocolate
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This double IPA offers a rich and hazy reddish-amber hue topped by a khaki head that recedes slowly to a persistent collar. For this beer, Arcadia employs the famous "Three Cs" – Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial hops – delivering a quintessentially American hop character. Look for a floral impression similar to citrus blossoms, along with orange peel and other citrus notes, plus notes of pine and some spicy and earthy undertones. These characteristics translate to the palate too; we picked up plenty of strong citrus flavor and acidity. The brewers weren't shy with the malt bill either, resulting in a robust backbone with notes of caramel and toasted bread crust. We felt the hop bitterness came through firmer than the listed 59 IBU, augmented by some spicy alcohol, and the bright, acidic hop bitterness clings to the palate in the finish, as we expect for the style. While we often like to savor double IPAs on their own, we can't overlook the potential for excellent food pairings. Arcadia recommends pairing with Gorgonzola, Greek salad, Mediterranean cuisine, Indian or Thai dishes, spicy Italian sausages, and carrot cake. Additionally, the high ABV and hop bitterness & acidity can cut through fattier foods very well. Cheers!

Arcadia was founded in 1996 in Battle Creek, MI, by Tim Suprise and his wife, Mardy. Tim, originally from upstate New York, spent five years in law enforcement before spending another ten in the paper products industry, during which he traveled around the nation and the world visiting paper mills and picking up a taste for locally-produced beers. Deciding it was time for another career change, he jumped into the brewing business, determined to bring locally-made brews to the thirsty residents of Michigan. The Arcadia Brewing Company was founded as a brewery and pub, utilizing an authentic English brick kettle brewing system and open fermentation using English ale yeast. With little money available for an elaborate kitchen, a wood-fired stove was procured – a fateful decision it turns out, as the location is now well known for their wood-fired pizza, as well as BBQ.

By 2014, the Battle Creek location had proven just too small to support the continued growth of the business, so Arcadia opened a second location in Kalamazoo at the abandoned site of a former coal burning power plant. With developmental help from the city, the new brewhouse, restaurant, and beer garden is helping to revitalize the River’s Edge district. In 2016, Jim Lutz, formerly of Flying Dog, and Old Dominion & Fordham breweries, came on board as Arcadia’s president, with Tim retaining his position as CEO. In September 2017, Arcadia made the decision to close its Battle Creek location, which has endured a lot of wear over its two decades of operation. Luckily, Arcadia won't be gone from Battle Creek long; Suprise and his team are expecting to open a new and improved location in the city sometime in mid-2018. For more information on their Kalamazoo and Battle Creek breweries and restaurants, visit .

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