Design Your Own Club

Send whatever you want to send, whenever you want to send it.

Create a custom membership that is perfect for you or your gift recipient by combining any or all of our 6 monthly clubs. See Example

Design Your Own Club™ offers you the flexibility to combine our expertly selected Beer, Wine, Cigar, Cheese, Chocolate, and Flower Clubs into one membership.

Design your own

STEP 1: Choose the state where the membership will be delivered to

Select a state

STEP 2: Add the clubs you would like shipped on the months you want them delivered using the calendar below

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Learn more about our six monthly clubs and their distinct club membership types

Use our flexible Design Your Own Club to make creative configurations

Flexible how?

  • Combine any two or even all six clubs in one membership.
  • Combine different beer or wine club membership types in one membership.
  • Create a custom shipment schedule for a single club type (ex: only chocolate, on the months you choose.
  • Ship one shipment or multiple shipments in any given month.
  • Skip any month you choose—ship on specific months.


  • Send our U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club for your first shipment, our U.S. & International Variety Beer Club for your second, and our Rare Beer Club for your third.
  • Give a six month gift membership that alternates between our wine and cheese clubs so your gift recipient gets three shipments from each club.
  • Take care of multiple gifting occasions in one order—beer for Father's Day, cheese for Dad's birthday, wine for the holidays.
  • Send three Rare Beer Club shipments in one month for your brother's 50th birthday party or to the host of a Superbowl party.

Design Your Own Club™

In the words of our customers

"Using your products for an incentive program really worked! We did so much business that several of my distributors earned 3 years worth of microbrews! I did a focus group after the promotion to see why it worked so well. My distributors really liked the fact that they could choose what they wanted, and that they could create their own combination of gifts using the Design You Own Club. Some of them got things their wives would like too. I think the biggest motivator was that these were the kind of gifts they would give to others, but would not spend the extra money to buy for themselves. Those custom recognition certificates were great too."

David Comella, NY
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