Spring Sale 2024! - Save up to $30

Spring Sale 2024!
Save up to $30

Craft Beer Delivery to Your Home

These days, more and more people are looking to online shops and craft beer delivery services to purchase both local craft beer offerings as well as highly sought-after beers they can’t pick up locally. That’s a good thing for us because shipping hard-to-find, curated craft beers to your home or office is exactly what we’ve been doing since 1994!

There are a couple different ways we can help, either with your personal needs or if you’re looking to give the gift of craft beer.

several beer bottles several beer bottles

1. Ordering Craft Beer Delivered from our Online Beer Store

Each beer in our beer store has been curated by the same panel of brewmasters and beer judges that have been choosing the featured beers in our five unique beer clubs for the last 25+ years. You’ll find hop-centric American IPAs, as well as Hazy, Session, and Double IPAs from our HopHeads Beer Club. You’ll also discover time-honored imports from our International Beer Club and barrel-aged, blended imperial stouts, mixed fermentation farmhouse ales, sours, and Belgian triples, saisons and strong ales from The Rare Beer Club®. We’d like to think there’s a little something for everyone.

Chat, email, or call us at 800-625-8238 to put together a highly customized box.

2. Ordering a Craft Beer of the Month Club Membership

If you’re like most of our customers, you won’t be satisfied with a one-time delivery of a box of beer and will opt to have us send you top-rated, curated selections to your home or office each month. What could be wrong with that?

We’re the only Beer of the Month Club that’s taken the time and ongoing energy to build out 5 Unique Beer Clubs over the years. One features only US Craft beers, another only imports. One combines US Craft Breweries with imported selections. For those that prefer to explore only aggressively hopped beers each month, we created our HopHeads Club. And when only the best will do, The Rare Beer Club offers limited-release and exclusive U.S. and imported craft beers from the world’s hottest breweries and allows you to personalize your shipment each month ensuring that you’ll never get a beer you don’t want to get.