General Shipping Information

Delivery Schedules and Timeframes:

Beer & Wine Clubs:

Shipments should arrive towards the last week of the month via a carrier in your region*. December shipments may arrive before Christmas.

*NOTE: Due to unique challenges required to deliver beer and wine in certain regions, occasionally the first shipment of a membership can take an additional 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on when your order was placed. Please call our Customer Service Department at 800-625-8238 for an estimated time of arrival for your delivery area.

We ship our Beer and Wine clubs to all states except Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska and Utah.

Cigar Club:

Shipments should arrive the 3rd – 4th week of the month, delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Gift Announcements may be emailed or printed at any time.

We ship our Cigar club to all states except Utah.

Cheese & Chocolate Clubs:

Shipments are sent on the 3rd Tuesday or Wednesday of each month via FedEx 2nd Day Service, except during November when shipments may be sent the 2nd Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid conflicting with Thanksgiving.

We ship our Cheese & Chocolate clubs to all states except Alaska & Hawaii.

Flower Club:

Shipments are sent on the 3rd Monday of each month via FedEx Next Day service.

We ship our Flower club to all states except Alaska & Hawaii.

Adult Signature Requirements (Beer & Wine):

Someone 21 or older must sign for all beer or wine shipments. Many of our members ship to a work location or a neighbor who is often home. Please update your delivery address by the 1st of the month at 800-625-8238 or [email protected]

Purchase Agreement:

I agree that the age information of both the billing and shipping contacts associated with the order(s) that I have placed are correct. I agree that the purchaser(s) and recipient(s) of any beer or wine of the month club orders placed on this web site are over 21 years of age, or 18 years of age for cigar club orders. I understand that any information related to this order that is false is considered to be fraudulent by the purchaser and that any misrepresentation of age will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, by placing this order, I represent that I am purchasing this product solely for personal use, or as a gift, and are not engaged in any sort of law enforcement activity.

Returned Shipments:

In the event that you are not able to receive your shipment during the attempted deliveries AND you did not pick up your shipment within the allotted period, your box will be shipped back to our fulfillment center at which point you have two options. You may either elect to pay a re-packaging/re-shipping fee to have your shipment repacked and resent to you, OR you may elect to have your account credited your monthly charge less shipping and handling charges.

Address Changes/Membership Extension & Termination:

Please call us prior to the 1st of the month to make all account related information changes such as address changes, membership extensions & terminations, or gift accounts desiring to continue their memberships. Address changes made after that time may require a repackaging and re-shipping charge. Direct requests by you or your gift recipient to the shipping carrier to re-route a shipment in transit or address corrections made by the carrier to the shipping address that you've provided may incur an additional processing fee.