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  • Discover the world's best craft beers without traveling the globe

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Dear Fellow Craft Beer Lover,

After 30 years as the President of The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club™, I’m as passionate about beer as I was when we started. And I’d like to share that passion for exploration and discovery with you.

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Kris Calef

President and Founder

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The same panel of brewmasters and beer judges formed in 1994 meets regularly to ensure that you receive quality, exciting, and innovative craft beers each month.

We drink a lot of bad beer…So you don’t have to. And we’re so proud of our selections that we archive online our tasting notes for every beer that we’ve ever featured.

...you receive quality, exciting, and innovative craft beers each month.

I stand by every bottle and can of craft beer we select. We take our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee quite seriously, priding ourselves in building relationships, by knowing our product, and offering responsive, care-driven customer service.

Customer Testimonials

"I have to admit that getting a new shipment delivered every month is like Christmas morning 12 times a year."

Scott Centea

Scott Centea, NC

"Thank you for so many great beers. You've made my husband very happy, you've made me Wife of the Year..."

Lesley Gwin

Lesley Gwin, FL

"I've been a member for 12 years & enjoyed it so much, I added a 2nd membership to The Rare Beer Club."

Cody Christman

Cody Christman, CO

"You guys are doing a wicked pissah job (that's New Englander for very awesome).."

Adam Burnett

Adam Burnett, MA

"Thank you for bringing the love of beer into our home and bringing friendships close together."

Sherea Malcolm

Sherea Malcolm, NJ

"Many of us have exotic tastes in beer and the BOTMC has still opened our eyes to new beer horizions."

Don Clutterbuck

Don Clutterbuck, NY

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Unmatched Variety by Style, Brewery & Country

Unmatched Variety by style, brewery & country

Choose from Five different Beer Clubs offering unmatched variety by brewery,
country of origin, and beer style to suit your specific tastes.


Combine a Beer Club Membership

Combine a Beer Club

With any, or all, of our 6 Monthly Clubs

Design Your Own Club

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Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will help you with any questions. You may also place orders over the phone.


Mon-Fri, 7am - 4pm Pacific

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Assuring satisfaction to over 2,000,000 CUSTOMERS since 1994 has earned us an A-plus rating from the BBB. A BBB Accredited business since 10/05/2005

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that every item you purchase at The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club meets your high standards or we will replace it or refund your purchase.

Beer Club Benefits

With a membership to The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club, The International Beer Club, The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club, The Hop-Heads Beer Club, or The Rare Beer Club®, your or your gift recipient will receive exceptional beers from the best craft breweries in the world.

You can even save up to $30 on your order through our coupon code page! Unlike your average craft beer gift basket, our beer club subscription makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates lightly distributed, hard-to-find microbrews.

Premium Microbrewed Craft Beer from Around the World

Experience today's best, hand-crafted microbrewed beer without traveling nationwide to find it. We select premium microbrews from over 1,000 US and International microbreweries and brewpubs, and ship them directly to your home each month. For detailed information, visit The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club selection process page to see why we're the #1 provider of hand-crafted microbrews, and remember – gifting a membership is the perfect craft beer gift for that special beer lover in your life.

Compare Our Monthly Beer Club to Our Competitors

With several monthly craft beer clubs to choose from, picking the right club for the beer lover in your life comes down to the available options, benefits and quality. For almost 30 years, The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club has consistently provided the best, and rarest, craft beers for our customers. Check out our Craft Beer Comparison Guide to see how we stack up against the competition and discover why we’re still the best beer club around.

Choose the Duration of Your Craft Beer Club Membership

Club gift memberships may be paid for either monthly or in one installment and range from 2-12 months. We'll also include a personalized gift card with each gift membership. And, when you join our beer club for a low monthly cost, you'll also get our newsletter, Brew Harvest Review. It informs members about our featured beer selections, which breweries made them and what to look for in each. You'll also find extensive festival listings, brewpubs and microbrewery reviews, trivia, and special interest articles contributed by noted industry writers.

Personal memberships are open ended. Membership fees are charged to your credit card just prior to shipment. An open membership may be canceled at any time with no further obligation.

Order Your Craft Beer Club Membership Online Quickly and Easily

HOW TO ORDER: Order online or by phone. You may choose when to begin both gift and personal memberships. Subscriptions are available in 2-12 month terms, which makes gifting a beer club membership a great idea!

Explore our website to find great information related to our favorite subject (craft beer, of course) and read customer testimonials to find out what their experiences have been. Our Current Beers section tells you what's currently being featured. In our Past Selections section, you can view every newsletter we've ever sent since our inception in 1994! Use our Brewery Search function and Beer Festivals section to plan a road trip. Scope out micros nationwide easily.

A membership to The Microbrewed Beer of the Month can also be combined with our other monthly club options using our Design Your Own Club™ program! With the DYOC, members can pair a beer club membership with our wine, cigar, chocolate, and cheese clubs, as well as with our Flower of the Month Club.

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