Arcadia Brewing Company - India Pale Ale

Arcadia Brewing Company - India Pale Ale

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Arcadia Brewing Company - India Pale Ale

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    40-45° F
Wow! This baby is hopalicious! This refreshing selection was the highest ranked American made IPA at the 1998 World Beer Championship, achieving an outstanding score of 92, standing firmly behind Whitbread of England that had a score of 93. You will note a prominent floral hop aroma balanced perfectly by lingering caramel malty sweetness. Color is a deep amber with medium head retention. Note a complex and prominent hop profile derived from the use of Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops. Partner this one up a rich meat selection such as duck. Our selective panel found this to be a robust blend of satisfying tastes that will resound in your memory banks for a long time…at least until the next one! Keep in mind that we do in fact offer re-orders on any prized selection that you enjoyed or you feel your friends might bask in, visit for more information or just give us a call.
Ever wonder what happened to those kids with the cool last names in elementary school? Well, we have an update on one of them for you. Timothy Suprise founded The Arcadia Brewing Company, located in Battle Creek, MI, in 1996. Arcadia is a microbrewery that specializes in handcrafted British ales. The utilization of a 25-barrel Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing system combined with traditional English brewing methods allows their product line to reflect a world class brewing heritage that is more than 250 years old.

As you may have surmised, it takes a lot more than authentic British equipment to make a stellar ale. Arcadia utilizes the finest ingredients from England including malted barley and Ringwood™ Yeast, which is combined with the freshest hops from the Pacific Northwest. The combination of these elements results in some of the freshest and tastiest handcrafted ales you will ever have the pleasure of savoring.

Arcadia has earned some serious bragging rights over the years as four of their eight beers have received international recognition by the way of varied awards. Arcadia’s ESB was honored at the 1997 Traditional Beer Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland and determined to be one of the finest cask ales served at the festival. The brewery shined again at the World Beer Championships in 1998 where they were awarded a Bronze medal for their Angler’s Ale, a Silver medal for their Whitsun, and the Gold for their IPA which received the highest score ever given to an American made India Pale Ale. Guess which one our panel decided to present to you? Arcadia also has the distinction of receiving the “Best of the Great Lakes Brewery Award” and is one of the finest purveyors of cask conditioned or “Real Ales”, in the entire Midwest.

Another discerning feature of Arcadia is its restaurant and tavern that is conveniently adjacent to the brewery. An interesting feature of the restaurant is its eclectic and distinctive menu specifically focused on wood-fired cuisine, prepared exclusively in a unique oven that cooks the food at temperatures reaching 750º. This facet alone adds character to the brewery being that it is their only cooking device and was imported from Naples, Italy. Tours of the brewery are given every Saturday afternoon or by the convenience of appointment.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (616) 963-9520 or check out their web site at
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