Bad Frog Brewing Company - Bad Frog Beer

Bad Frog Brewing Company - Bad Frog Beer

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Bad Frog Brewing Company - Bad Frog Beer

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    40-45° F
discover our four clubs The Frog is an Golden Amber Lager brewed with a combination of two-row pale, Munich, Dextrin and Carastan malts. Bad Frog is "hopped" primarily with cluster hops at the beginning of the 90 min. boil to give it a slight bitterness and with later with Perle hops which are added primarily for their aromatic contribution.
Immediately note a nice subtle mix of hops and slight malt aroma in this beer’s nose. Look for good head retention in this clear, deep golden, medium-bodied beer. We found a predominately pale malt flavor with some crystal malt character evident in this nicely balanced beer. Look for a bitter finish. Overall, a very clean, well balanced and refreshing summer beer
You’ve read about him. You’ve seen him in the press. You’ve felt the hype. Now taste the beer. He’s mean, green and obscene. He’s an amphibian with an attitude and he’s in your box this month dying to get out! This month, Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club has the distinct pleasure of bringing you the notorious Bad Frog Beer. The Bad Frog Brewing Co. is the brainchild of owner Jim Wauldron, a former graphic design and advertising business owner. The herpetological horror resulted from a campaign for the Walt Disney Co. which required Wauldron to come up with a number of different sketches of various animals for theme park t-shirts. No one in the office liked Wauldron’s cuddly frog rendering, citing him (the frog, not Jim!) as wimpy and too damn cute among other things. Jim took his Disney-Woos-Frog and gave him an attitude adjustment resulting in the birth of Bad Frog Beer.

The beer itself has received tremendous publicity, most of which came as a result of the beer being banned in Ohio. Buried in the fine print of the Ohio administrative code is "Rule 44" which specifically states: "No nakedness. No obscenity. And, Nothing sensual." They really know how to have fun in the ole Bible Belt. Mari-jean Siehl, deputy director in the Ohio Liquor Control Department, said the ruling was no close call, stating "clearly, a frog with his middle finger up is unacceptable." One might argue the fact that with only four digits, the frog couldn’t possibly be flipping us off with his middle (word middle in italics and bold) finger. Other states have jumped on the frog-control bandwagon and have ultimately forced the brewery to remove the slogan stating, "He’s mean, green and obscene." Consequently, the beer is being bought up from collectors around the country as the brewery has been allowed to use up it’s existing inventory of the original labels. So keep your bottles, they may be worth absolutely nothing someday. The Bad Frog Brewing Co. has actually filed for patent to the "flipping of the bird" and hopes that someday walking into a bar and flipping off the bartender will be synonymous with ordering a Bad Frog Beer. Wauldron has already come out with a complementary malt liquor and has plans to introduce two more specialty beers this year.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (517) 685-2990 or check out their web site at
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