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Blue Hen Brewing Company - Blue Hen Beer Munich Helles Lager

Blue Hen Brewing Company - Blue Hen Beer Munich Helles Lager

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Blue Hen Brewing Company - Blue Hen Beer Munich Helles Lager

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    37-42° F
Blue Hen’s Munich Helles is brewed with a combination of two-row Pale and Caramel malts. English Kent Goldings hops are used early into the 90-min. boil for their bittering effects while Czechoslovakian Saaz , Mt. Hood and Hallertau Herbrucker are added later in the boil for aroma. When you’re sampling this lager, know that you are drinking a true champion, the 1994 World Beer Champion of Munich Helles’ Lagers to be specific. It also won the silver in the 95 and 96 World Beer Championships.
Immediately note a pleasant pale malt aroma with a hint of floral hop notes. Look for good head retention in this pale, clear, medium-bodied beer. Note a definite pale maltiness up front followed by a dry hop bitterness that lingers into the finish. This is a very clean, well-balanced and smooth beer. Overall, a well-lagered, crisp, clean and nicely done Munich Helles.
The Blue Hen Brewing Co. was founded in 1987 by Jeff Johnson with the mission to develop and introduce craft brewed beers into the Delaware Valley. Their flagship product, Blue Hen Beer, a Munich Helles lager, was introduced in May of 1990 and since then, Blue Hen has introduced their Black and Tan as well as a Chocolate Porter.

The Blue Hen name comes from local folk lore recorded by Delaware historians which relates to a certain leisurely activity known to have occurred by one of the state’s Revolutionary War regiments. It’s told that during the early days of the war, the men of Captian Jonathan Caldwell’s company took with them gamecocks noted for their fighting ability. These particular fowl were of a brood possessing blue features. The regiment fought at Long Island, White Plains, Trenton, and Princeton and when not engaged with the enemy, amused themselves by fighting the Blue Hens. The fame of the fights spread throughout the army and soon the bravery in battle displayed by the regiment coupled with the colorful gamecocks they carried with them earned the militia the name, "The Fighting Blue Hens".

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (302) 737-8375 or check out their web site at http://www.pubcrawler.com/Template/visit/bluehen.html.
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