Bluegrass Brewing Company - Bluegrass Pale Ale

Bluegrass Brewing Company - Bluegrass Pale Ale

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Bluegrass Brewing Company - Bluegrass Pale Ale

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    43-48° F
A sophisticated pale ale that is brewed with a combination of Cargill Special Pale, Special B, and Caramunich malts as well as Flaked Barley. The panel found this dark amber/copper colored ale to be a full-bodied offering, demonstrating an aggressive floral hop character. An extra helping of Centennial hops increases the bitterness of this ale and a delicate blend of aromatic zing is fueled by the use of Willamette hops. All in all, it’s remarkably well balanced for such a hoppy beer. Bluegrass Pale Ale is a Real Ale Festival "Best of Fest Winner" and a favorite of locals in Louisville. Note a hint of fruitiness on the palate and in the nose. Overall, a big pale ale brimming with refinement, worthy of its numerous accolades. Cheers!
Kentucky is not all about chicken and horses as one might suspect. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in Louisville, Kentucky, Bluegrass Brewing is the envy of many microbreweries and brewpubs. Putting aside the ten national competition medals (that’s 10 ladies and gentlemen!), most of which were awarded at the Great American Beer Festival and Real Ale Fest, they have also been selected by the authors of "Beer for Dummies" as one of America's top ten breweries. Kentucky seems to be the breeding ground for greatness being the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Hunter S. Thompson, and the BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company).

One of their most impressive accomplishments was beating out Anchor's Old Foghorn and Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot in the Barley wine category at the 1997 Great American Beer Festival. This feat is nothing to sneeze at as beer lovers worldwide covet these two beers, as they are truly exceptional beers.

As if brewing great beers wasn’t enough of a feat, Bluegrass also runs a brewpub. The restaurant is located in a large building that originally housed a seafood version of the Chi-Chi's chain and was opened only one year after the opening of the brewery. The interior was restored and the transformation created a working brewery in its place. A unique aspect of the restaurant is that the main area of the restaurant is divided into two large rooms with a kitchen that is viewable in the middle. And like any good brewpub, there is a full service bar adorned with large screen TVs and taps galore. Diners at the brewpub can watch through the big glass windows as Brewmaster Dave Pierce and assistant Matt Gould work their brewing mojo! If you find yourself in their neck of the woods be sure to stop by because every Wednesday, BBC hosts an open Bluegrass Jam sponsored by Bluegrass Anonymous and we can’t think of a better accompaniment to some of their tasty products!

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (502) 899-7070 or check out their web site at
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