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Bohannon Brewing Company - Nut Brown Ale

Bohannon Brewing Company - Nut Brown Ale

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United States

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Bohannon Brewing Company - Nut Brown Ale

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    48-53° F
discover our four clubs Bohannon's Nut Brown Ale is an English style brew utilizing Perle and Cascade hops, roasted barley, and five kinds of malts' two-row pale, victory, carapils, caramel 40, and chocolate. This complex cornucopia of components (sickening isn't it?) gives this beer its beautiful mahogany color and off-white head. Look for a very nutty aroma, with hints of chocolate and light caramel malts. Note a deep malt nuttiness with the perfect amount of herbal hops to balance it out. Overall, a pretty complex malt profile for a brown ale. Smoked salmon is a suitable sidekick!
The Bohannon Brewing Company was founded in 1988 by Lindsay Bohannon, gaining the recognition as Tennessee's original micro/pub brewery. In 1994, Bohannon opened the Market Street Brewery and Public House on Second Avenue. Keeping history alive, this location was the site of the very first brewery in Nashville which was established in 1849! The building itself was built in 1888 and was the warehouse for Tennessee's largest distillery. Nope - not Jack Daniels, but Charles Nelson, is Greenbriar Distillery.

Lindsay's love for great tasting beer came about during a visit to Geissen, Germany in the early 1980s. When he returned home, there were no other beers on the market that could compare to what he drank in the land of the big sauerkraut. So he did what most of us would do and he turned his passion for beer into a lifelong adventure. And what an adventure it was! His first year in business, he walked away with a gold medal from the Great American Beer Festival! And since that time, the brewery has won more than 40 national and international awards.

The Bohannon Brewing Company also features a full restaurant with a menu and atmosphere consistent with a traditional English style pub. If you get a chance to visit, check out their copper brew kettle in the front of the restaurant and in the back, you can visit the Churchill Bar, which was the office of Charles Nelson. Along with their beers on tap, you can enjoy a vast selection of martinis, single malt scotches, and single barrel bourbons.
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