Boulder Beer Company - Flashback Anniversary Ale

Boulder Beer Company - Flashback Anniversary Ale

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United States

Alcohol by Volume:


Boulder Beer Company - Flashback Anniversary Ale

  • ABV:

  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    45-52° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Pint Glass, Mug or Stein
  • Malts:

    Belgian Biscuit, Chocolate, Pale, Gambrinus Honey
  • Hops:

Bring on the birthday brew! On the nose, expect big biscuity and toasty notes amidst citrusy cascade hop aromas and seeds (think wild bird feed). Look for fruity notes to emerge as it warms, with a roasty, nutty profile and hints of milk chocolate and caramel. This beer is on the bigger side—a so-called “India brown ale”—yet it maintains balance amidst its complexities and girth. Notes of caramel, roastiness, toffee, grapefruit zest, crackers and sweet bread dough are all balanced by a moderate bitterness and citrusy fade. Overall, quite interesting in that the sweeter elements and more bitter elements run a constant balancing act with one another rather than just a sweet start ended by a bitter finish. A nicely crafted brew fitting for commemorating the brewery’s 30th anniversary, and a definite throwback to the pioneer brews. Pair with something smoky like smoked beef brisket.
We’ve been fans of the Boulder Beer Company for years now. Colorado’s first microbrewery celebrates a major milestone this year: their 30th anniversary! This puts them in an elite club made up of only a handful of breweries in the nation. These days, the big CO is known for a number of award-winning micros—just about all of whom owe some of their success to the Boulder Beer Company. Founded by two college professors, their primary goal was to produce beers in the traditional style of the robust European ales. The original brewery site was a small farm northeast of Boulder, and the brewhouse did in fact share space with a few goats. Five years later, they moved their one-barrel brewing system to their current facility in Boulder. Each year, they pay homage to their roots by hosting a big ol’ beer party called the Goat Shed Revival. This year’s is sure to be their biggest and baddest to date. Happy Birthday guys! For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours or this year’s Goat Shed Revival, call (303) 444-8448 or check out their web site at
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