Brewski's Brewing Company - Holiday Salute Brewski's

Brewski's Brewing Company - Holiday Salute Brewski's

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Brewski's Brewing Company - Holiday Salute Brewski's

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    40-45° F
Holiday Salute is a very complex, dark winter brew. Brewed primarily with two-row pale malts with the remainder a combination of crystal, Munich, and chocolate malts. Brewer's Gold hops are added for their bittering contributions while cascade hops are used for both bittering and enhancing Igloo's aromatic profile.
This Christmas beer has a sophisticated, malty, nutty and slightly roasted nose. Look for excellent head retention in this medium-bodied, clear, deep amber ale. As the nose would indicate, Holiday Salute's flavor offers a complex malt profile hinting of brown sugar. Also note a trace of spices coming through in the middle and a dry, roasted finish. Overall, a very interesting and flavorful interpretation of a winter ale.
Brewski's Brewing Company

The original Brewski's Bar Room was founded in lower Manhattan, N.Y. nearly 20 years ago and distinguished itself by offering the world's largest selection of both domestic and international brews. In 1992, Brewski's patrons made it clear that they wanted the company to brew its own pre-prohibition style lagers and ales. Over the following two years, the company developed its own proprietary yeast strain and formulated numerous house recipes that have since won them multiple awards at several prestigious beer festivals including two at The Great American Beer Festival.

In addition to Brewski's Holiday Salute, the brewery also produces their Bar Room ale, a classic English Brown Ale, Bar Room Blonde, a German style Lager, Bar Room Honey Red, a top fermented Amber Ale, and Billy Goat Bock, a stronger, higher alcohol content seasonal lager. The Brewski's Brewing Co. recently opened a brewpub at 73 Pier Ave., in Hermosa Beach, CA. The 15 barrel brewhouse currently brews all of the award winning Bar Room Ales and Lagers, along with several specialty brews. For more information about the Brewery and/or Brewpub, call 310-322-1000.
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