Butte Creek Brewing Company - Creekside Wheat

Butte Creek Brewing Company - Creekside Wheat

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Butte Creek Brewing Company - Creekside Wheat

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    37-42° F
We’ve been looking for an unusual seasonal interpretation of a wheat beer and are convinced that we couldn’t have done any better than Creekside Wheat. An American wheat by definition, it is brewed with a combination of malted white wheat, two row Pale and Carastan malts. Creekside is hopped up front with Perle hops and later in the 90-min. boil twice with Mt. Hood hops for aroma. Although it is unfiltered, we think you’ll find it to be an exceptionally bright beer with lots of flavor and liveliness.
Another great beer from Butte Creek. Look for a complex floral and spicy hop nose with malted wheat evident. It smells very good. Head retention could be better for this golden, medium-bodied wheat beer. We found the flavor profile to be very clean, flavorful and were surprised to see so much hop character. This is a great summer beer. Very drinkable and anything but boring. Note a dry, bitter finish leaving you with the desire for more. Overall, a truly unusual, wonderfully flavorful American Wheat.
DAILY MIRROR - Cleanliness counts to barfly Brits. The British Brewer’s Society reports that when it comes to choosing a pub, women’s first priority is a clean toilet and men’s is a clean bar. The sexes switched positions on the second order of priority, and both chose friendly staff for their third choice. Stocks of beer, by the way, came far down on the list after general comfort, value and speed of service. The report also found that pub-goers drink a pint almost two minutes faster on Saturday nights and that 86 percent of American prefer British pubs to their own back home.
Dear Murl,

I’ve always wondered and never been able to find a good answer to the question: Who exactly were Anheuser and Busch?

Frances Vaughan

Auburn, ME

Dear Frances,

I was hit with this one about three years ago and have been asked several times since so I guess it’s time to respond in print once again. The answer to your question is obvious. WHO CARES?! Let’s face it, darlin’, if you try and put any of that stuff in bowl when I’m preoccupied with rawhide, I’ll be accidentally "marking my territory" in your living room. You might be able to sneak a Bud by the talkin’ frogs, but we canine have a much more acute sense of taste. I mean, you don’t see me woofing down flies with my malted beverage now, do ya?


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