Buzzards Bay Brewing Company - Olde Buzzard Lager

Buzzards Bay Brewing Company - Olde Buzzard Lager

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Buzzards Bay Brewing Company - Olde Buzzard Lager

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    38-43° F
Olde Buzzard Lager is a traditional "export" style lager typical of Dortmund, Germany which is brewed with a combination of two-row pale and munich malts. Buzzard Bay hops it in three separate additions with Northern Brewer, Hersbrucker and Liberty hops. The recent Gold Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in the "European Style Pilsner" category is a somewhat sweet lager with a refreshing mouth feel. You'll find this award winner to have a bit more hop spiciness in the nose than your average lager which didn't surprise us much when we discovered the Russels hop it with 3 hop varieties. We found the flavor to be a bit biscuity and have a nice flavorful pale maltiness. Look for a well balance of malt and hops in this clean pils. The finish is slightly bitter and dry and leaves you wanting more. Consider pairing it up with spicy foods or in the lunch you pack for the slopes!
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