Chicago Brewing Company - Legacy Red Ale

Chicago Brewing Company - Legacy Red Ale

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Chicago Brewing Company - Legacy Red Ale

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    45-50° F
In the mid-1800s, Irish brewers, such as Michael Keeley and John Fortune, provided Chicago with "healthful and exhilarating" ales described as rich and full of body and flavor. Legacy Red, a "Chicago-style" Irish Red Ale, takes its lead from those early immigrant brewers and is brewed with a combination of two-row Pale, Biscuit, and Caramel malts. Chinook hops are added at the boil for their bittering contributions while Willamette hops are added in two later additions of the 90 min. boil for both bittering and aroma. Cascade hops are added last to give the beer its spicy hop aroma. A British Ale yeast strain is used.
Immediately note a very nice, complex bouquet consisting maltiness, yeast esters, and both floral and spicy hop characteristics. Look for good head in this clear, deep amber, medium-bodied beer. Legacy Red starts with a very flavorful caramel and toasted character, moves into a rich malty body and finishes dry and bitter. Overall, a very nicely balanced and very flavorful interpretation of an Irish Red.
Chicago as a city, is by no means a stranger to beer. The city, once the brewing capital of the West, and home of the first national brand of beer, is also the home of the Chicago Brewing Company. The brewery, which produced its first beer in July of 1990, is the first newly constructed commercial brewery in Chicago in more than 50 years and is housed in a 1920 pickle factory. The highlight of the brewery is a 40-year-old, all copper Bavarian brewhaus imported from Kulmbach, West Germany.

The brewery has been recognized with over 25 medals for their product line in just 6 and a half years, making them one of the most award-winning American microbreweries. Family owned and operated, Chicago Brewing Co. is privately held. In addition to Legacy Red, the brewery also produces Legacy Lager, a German-style pilsner, Heartland Weiss, a Bavarian-style wheat, and Big Shoulders Porter, an English-style roasted ale.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (312) 252-BREW.
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