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Clipper City Brewing Company - Reserve India Pale Ale

Clipper City Brewing Company - Reserve India Pale Ale

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Clipper City Brewing Company - Reserve India Pale Ale

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    45-50° F
In the 19th Century, India Pale Ales (IPAs) were originally brewed to serve to the British troops while abroad in India. Because of the long ocean voyage from England to India, most beers could not survive the trip. They were, and still are, typically higher in alcohol content which helped keep them for the long voyage and the acidity that came as a result of aggressive hopping helped to preserve these ales further. Look for a floral, almost citrus, aroma along with the ever prevalent hop bitterness. In addition, the Clipper City Reserve IPA is bottle conditioned, meaning that there is a small amount of yeast remaining in the bottle. We found it a well balanced IPA that's balanced nicely with a good dose of maltiness. We'd suggest pairing it with your favorite spicy Asian dish.
Clipper City owner Hugh Sisson is a true brewing pioneer. In 1983, as owner and founder of Sisson's, a restaurant and bar in Baltimore, he decided that he wanted to brew beer in his restaurant. Unfortunately, the laws in Maryland were not in his favor and his plan to open a brewpub was thwarted. A sufficient reason to relocate if you ask us. But not Hugh. In the true entrepreneurial spirit, he challenged the state to change the laws and anyone who's ever dealt with government agencies can tell you that this is no easy task. Go Hugh, Go! Perseverance prevailed in 1989 when Maryland changed their laws and Hugh opened the first brewpub in the state.

He stuck with it until 1994, when he had the itch to open a full-scale microbrewery. And guess who didn't want him to own both a brewery and brewpub? The State, you say? You got it. I'm trying to think of just what legal grounds were conjured up to prevent Hugh from doing both and can't come up with a thought on the matter. Regardless of why, Hugh got back on his horse, sharpened the sword and prepared to do battle with the State again. And wouldn't you know…he won again! In early 1996 Clipper City Brewing officially opened their doors and brewing commenced. Since that time, Clipper City, named after Baltimore's nickname, has gained a fantastic reputation throughout Maryland among beer lovers.

They are now Baltimore's largest brewing facility that produces hand crafted draught and bottled beers.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (410) 247-7822 or check out their web site at www.clippercitybeer.com.
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