Florida Beer Company - Key West Southernmost Wheat

Florida Beer Company - Key West Southernmost Wheat

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Florida Beer Company - Key West Southernmost Wheat

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  • Suggested Glassware:

    Pint Glass or Mug
  • Malts:

    Weyermann Pils, Franco Pils, Castle Pils
  • Hops:

    Amarillo, Mt. Hood
This brew is Florida B.C.’s take on Belgium’s “witbier” or “white beer” style. An unfiltered wheat beer, it pours a straw color with a lot of cloudiness from the yeast in suspension. Feel free to swirl up the yeast sediment in the bottle, or leave it behind as you pour carefully – it’s a matter of personal preference. True to style, aromas of coriander and citrus are apparent, although the distinct note of lime amidst the traditional orange peel scents lets us know that this is a unique witbier. Powdery, dusty yeast notes lend an earthy dimension to the complex nose that also includes tangy wheat and a slight hint of banana. On the palate, look for a bit of light sweetness with a good balance between crackery barley malt and tangy wheat. The use of key lime in the brewing process bolsters the orange peel and adds a different and fun dimension to this quaffable warm weather brew. Spritzy carbonation adds liveliness and a drying impression while a white-pepper-like spiciness comes forth on the mid-palate and lingers on in the finish. This beer style is known for its thirst-quenching character and makes for great summer beer drinking. Try pairing with grilled white fish heavily spritzed with lemon, or any variety of spicy dishes.
The Florida Beer Company has been among the leaders of Florida’s craft brewing renaissance. Founded by Humberto Perez, who is a third generation brewer (his grandfather began one of Venezuela’s largest breweries back in 1929), the company has grown to feature several different beer brands, with each offering a sense of Floridian pride in their beer names a label art. Perez’s goal has been to help bring overdue recognition to Florida’s growing better beer culture – a goal that’s quickly becoming a reality with each passing year. FBC’s brewery is located in Melbourne, FL, mid-way down the state’s Atlantic coast. Originally founded as Indian River Brewing Company by Bruce Holt and Jack Owen (as owner and brewmaster, respectively), the brewery eventually was bought by Perez who was able to keep the brewery in operation and providing great beer to the local community. With every beer handcrafted with very little automated processes, the brewery remains committed to traditional microbrewing techniques for the creation of each batch of their tasty brews. For more information about the brewery and their tasting room, call (321) 728-4114, or visit them at www.floridabeer.com.
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