Flying Fish Brewing Company - Salt and Sea

Flying Fish Brewing Company - Salt and Sea

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Fruited Gose


United States

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Flying Fish Brewing Company - Salt and Sea

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  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    40-45º F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Flute, Stange, Pilsner Glass
  • Malts:

    Pilsner, Wheat, Acidulated
  • Hops:


Flying Fish brews this sessionable gose (a German style known for its tartness, light salinity and, often, fruit additions) with strawberry and lime, aiming for a profile akin to saltwater taffy, and we think they’ve hit their mark with this intriguing brew. Salt and Sea presents a lightly hazed golden hue in the glass, topped by a sizeable head of white foam. The tart impression is obvious in the aroma straight away, joined by obvious strawberry and lime notes from those special additions. As we take our first sip of this fruited brew (and let our palate take a moment to adapt to the tartness, as one must do with sour beers), we discover a pleasant lightly toasted and crackery malt center here, with a bit of tangy wheat augmenting the tartness nicely. Look for that tartness to come through at a moderate level, balanced by a touch of residual sweetness and working nicely with the expressive fruit additions and some moderate hoppy notes of citrus juice and a punchy impression of baking spices. The whole thing comes across as effortlessly refreshing – perfect on its own as a satisfying thirst quencher, but also capable of food pairings if you play your cards right. The salty notes of fresh mollusks like oysters and clams should pair well, as will a snack of sharp cheeses. A cool watermelon and mint salad with crumbles of gorgonzola makes for another, fruitier option. Or, go the dessert route with a fresh strawberry shortcake. Cheers!

When Gene Muller founded Flying Fish in 1995, his approach was a bit unusual. While working to build his brewery, he launched the company online – becoming a “virtual brewery” to allow microbrew fans to contribute their assistance and opinions by weighing in on upcoming beer styles, naming the beers, designing labels and merchandise, and even signing up to be volunteer taste testers and applying for employment. By late 1996 the brewery was finished and the first beer was released to a waiting fan base. A pretty clever approach if you ask us.

Muller, a graduate of America’s oldest brewing school at Chicago’s famed Siebel Institute, presided over years of impressive growth. In 2012, having outgrown their original location in Cherry Hill, Flying Fish moved to a new facility in Somerdale. Here, they pursue sustainability as a top priority. Solar tubes provide natural light, 463 solar panels provide power, a steam capture system reduces water and power consumption, high-efficiency boilers reduce gas usage, and all spent grain (over 2 million pounds per year) goes to a local dairy farmer for feed.

Winners of multiple Great American Beer Festival (GABF) medals, among many other awards, Flying Fish currently offers eight year-round beers along with various seasonal and special offerings, including super small batch one-offs and barrel aged beers that are only available at their Tasting Room. For more info about the brewery, contact them at 856-504-3442 or visit

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