Franconia Brewing Company - Bamberger Herren Pilsener

Franconia Brewing Company - Bamberger Herren Pilsener

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Franconia Brewing Company - Bamberger Herren Pilsener

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    40-45° F
You're in for a treat. Note a very nice deep Golden hue in this very traditional style German Pilsner. Brewed with all Bavarian malts, the richness of Continental barley is wonderfully balanced by the generous use of locally grown Spalt and Hallernan hops. We found both hops and malt prevalent in the nose which hints at a rich pale malt character. Look for a dry and clean maltiness up front with a moderately strong hop finish. This flavorful, medium-bodied, German-style Pilsener is rich in flavor and delicately balances its hop/malt profile. Very nicely done.
When it comes to beer, brewmaster Guy Hagner is an unwavering traditionalist. In accordance with the Bavarian beer-purity edict of 1516, only four ingredients are used in the making of his brewery's beers: hops, malt, water and yeast. It's a brewing process that he believes in so ardently, that there was one name that could have been chosen for the brewery: Franconia. No bigger than northeastern Pennsylvania, Franconia is a region in Northern Bavaria that is home to over 300 breweries. We're contemplating our business relocation as you read this newsletter! The Branberg section of Franconia so impressed Hagner with its beer, that the brewery imports all of its barley malts from the region.

Hagner said he first got interested in brewing 20 years ago. He spent time living abroad, traveling widely and studying in Germany. Whenever he met Americans traveling around Europe, the first question most asked him--an known avid beer drinker--was "why can't American beer taste this good?" Now, thanks in part to good folks like Guy, it does!

This month's selection from the brewery, Herren Pils, is brewed under license from the Keesmann Brewery, located in Bamberg, Germany. Guy notes, "This Pils offers a great balance between the richness of Continental barley malt and the generous use of German-grown Spalt hops," The Keesmann Brewery, founded in 1867, remains under the ownership of the Keesmann family.

Hagner negotiated an agreement with the Keesmann family to license production of Bamberger Herren Pils. Franconia has exclusive rights to brew and sell the beer in America. Keesmann had never before agreed to allow production of its venerable beer outside its brewery; it agreed to do so only after hearing Franconia's plans for a German brewhouse and strict adherence to traditional German brewing methods, mentioned above.
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