Frankenmuth Brewing Company - Frankenmuth Amber Ale

Frankenmuth Brewing Company - Frankenmuth Amber Ale

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Frankenmuth Brewing Company - Frankenmuth Amber Ale

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    40-45° F
Frankenmuth’s Amber Ale is brewed with a combination of 6-row pale malts, Munich, Cara-60, and Cara-Pils malts. Again, a combination of Cluster and Perle hops are used to give this beer its hoppy flavor and fruity characteristics. A German Lager yeast strain is used giving the beer its estery characteristics.
Look for a mild caramel malt aroma and a mild floral hop nose up front. Note good head retention in this copper, clear, medium-bodied beer. Frankenmuth’s Amber has a caramel malt flavor up front and a bitter hop finish. Overall, another excellent, very well-balanced, clean beer from Frankenmuth.
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Brew Lingo

Lautering - The process of separating the spent grains from the sweet wort with a straining apparatus. From the German lauter meaning clarifying.

Prohibition era - Thirteen years, ten months and eighteen days of pure hell.

Resin scum - The brownish substance found on the froth of beer during primary fermentation.

Zymology - The science or study of fermentation. Syn: zymurgy.
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