Frederick Brewing Company - Blue Ridge Snowball's Chance

Frederick Brewing Company - Blue Ridge Snowball's Chance

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Frederick Brewing Company - Blue Ridge Snowball's Chance

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    48-53° F
Snowball's Chance is a seasonal winter ale, only brewed during the holidays each month. It's brewed with Willamette hops and four different types of specialty malts. We found this dark ruby ale almost a enjoyable to look at as it was to drink... okay, not really! But is does sport a beautiful red hue. Rich and flavorful, Snowball's Chance offers a floral hop fruity nose, complemented by a slight maltiness in the background. The flavor starts with a slight malt sweetness, then moves to a slightly bitter hop flavor, and then to a toasted malt, slightly dry, finish. Overall, an excellent winter ale that would pair nicely with a thick beef stew or roasted chicken.
Founded in 1993 by Kevin Brannon, a home-brewing former lawyer, and Marjorie McGinnis, a beer-loving psychology student, the Frederick Brewing Company, located in Frederick, Maryland, has been pumping out quality beers for years. After deciding to go ahead with their plan to open a brewery, Kevin and Marjorie brought in Brewmaster Steve Nordahl and Brewery Representative Frenchy Tluszcz to complete the team.

The Frederick Brewing Company currently owns and operates both the Wild Goose Brewery of Cambridge, MA and the Brimstone Brewing Co. located in Baltimore, MD. The three breweries combined have taken no less than 41 awards and accolades over the last decade, including 12 World Beer Championship honors and 4 medals at the Great American Beer Festival.

Founded 9 years ago with its flagship Blue Ridge collection of micros, the brewery is recognized as one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the country. By 1995 the demand for their products exceeded capacity which prompted expansion the following year when an entirely new 57,000 square foot brewery was constructed.

Our panel enjoyed the Blue Ridge line across the board and that's why you'll have the opportunity to sample two of its beers. The line also includes an ESB Red Ale, a Golden Ale, a Porter, a Stout, a Doppelbock, a Wheat beer, and their fall seasonal beer.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (888) 258-7434
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