Grand Teton Brewing Company - Moose Juice Stout

Grand Teton Brewing Company - Moose Juice Stout

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Grand Teton Brewing Company - Moose Juice Stout

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    40-45° F
Moose Juice Stout is brewed with six different types of malts, including 2-row Pilsner, British Medium Crystal, British Roasted Barley, Chocolate, German Carafoam, and Pale Wheat Malt. The lads balance that complex malt profile with Chinook, UK Goldings, and Willamette hops. The Moose pours a dark black color, with a large and foamy brown-colored head. How appropriate. Look for a roasted, smoky, and chocolate aroma and flavor. The roasted chocolate flavor dominates the palate, while a slightly bitter finish rounds it off quite nicely. Overall, a well deserved medal winner at the GABF.
Originally known as the Otto Brother's Brewing Company, the Grand Teton Brewing Company set the stage for microbreweries in Wyoming. Founded in 1988 by brothers Charlie and Ernie Otto, the Grand Teton Brewing Company became the first microbrewery in Wyoming to receive a malt beverage permit in over 35 years!

Charlie Otto was such an accomplished homebrewer that his friends and family were constantly asking him to brew more beer. But because Wyoming did not issue licenses to homebrewers, Charlie had to help get a bill passed to allow him to start selling his beer commercially. Way to take the initiative, Charles! And in 1988, he was awarded Wyoming brewery license number one. For the next two years their beers were only available on tap. So to help in the sale of their beers, the brothers came up with a unique way to distribute it - a 64 ounce bottle called a 'growler.' As you now know, growlers are a commonplace component of most breweries today. You've gotta like this guy. This month, we're featuring Charlie's flagship brew, Teton Ale and our panel's favorite, Moose Juice Stout!

With the success of their first three brews, the addition of 22oz bottles, and an ever increasing demand, in 1998, the Otto Brothers broke ground on a new brewing facility at the base of the Teton Pass in Victor, Idaho. This new facility now has a total annual output of 10,000 barrels of beer, which now allows them to not only bottle and sell locally, but to distribute throughout other local states. In 2000, the Otto Brothers changed the name of the brewery to the Grand Teton Brewing Company to recognize the beautiful national park not to far from the brewery.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (208) 787-9000 or check out their web site at
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