Great Divide Brewing Company - Arapahoe Amber Ale

Great Divide Brewing Company - Arapahoe Amber Ale

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United States

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Great Divide Brewing Company - Arapahoe Amber Ale

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    40-45° F
The Great Divide Arapahoe Amber is misnamed. By style definition, it’s a Scottish Ale. Another award winner, Arapahoe took the bronze at the 1996 GABF. We found it very complex and smooth. Look for a big malty nose up front with a very mild hop character true to style. Unlike the Denver Pale Ale, you won’t find a big bitter hop profile in this copper-colored, filtered Ale. Note a pleasant malty sweetness and some definite nutty tones in the body. We found Arapahoe to have a big and full mouth feel. It ends as you might suspect, malty and sweet. Overall, another great beer from a superb brewery. If you get a chance, try Great Divide’s Hibernation Ale. It’s their Winter Seasonal. We featured it a few years back and think that it’s in contention for the best beer we’ve ever featured!
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