Great Divide Brewing Company - St. Brigid's Robust Porter

Great Divide Brewing Company - St. Brigid's Robust Porter

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Great Divide Brewing Company - St. Brigid's Robust Porter

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    45-50° F
St. Brigid's Porter is a deep ruby colored, full-bodied porter with a smooth chocolate character and a slightly roasted finish. The name comes from Irish lore about Saint Brigid who reportedly transformed her bathwater into beer for thirsty clerics. As the brewery is sensitive about giving out specific information with regard to the types of malts and hops used to brew this beer, it will have to suffice to let you know that it's a true winner this year after winning the Gold medal in the robust porter category at both the 1996 World Beer Cup and the 1996 Great American Beer Festival.
Note a predominantly chocolate roasted malt nose with some sweet malt characteristics evident. Look for good head retention in this dark brown, filtered, medium-bodied ale. St. Brigid's has nice clean, dark roasted malt characteristics throughout its body and finish, indicative of a true robust porter. Overall, a clean, flavorful, and true-to-style robust porter well deserving of its recent Gold at GABF.
Hibernator Gorgonzola Cheese Soup

This month's selection was contributed by Great Divide's Co-Founder, Tara Dunn.

1 small red onion
3 medium cloves garlic
1 chipotle pepper
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1 pound gorgonzola cheese
16 oz. Hibernation Ale
1 quart heavy cream
1 gallon whole milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Puree onion, garlic and chipotle in food processor. Heat oil over medium heat in stock pot. Add onion mixture. With hands, crumble in gorgonzola. Heat just until cheese is halfway melted. Stir in beer. Bring to boiling point. Gradually add cream and milk. Heat just to boiling point. Do not boil or soup will scorch. Whisk occasionally. (Beer and cheese should incorporate on their own so do not overwhisk or soup will foam up). Add salt and pepper to taste. Serves 10-12 humans, 47 mice or 1 Green Bay Packer Fan.
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