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Hangtown Brewing Company - Placerville Ale

Hangtown Brewing Company - Placerville Ale

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United States

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Hangtown Brewing Company - Placerville Ale

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    45-50° F
Placerville Pale Ale is brewed with 88% two row Breiss pale malts and the remaining 12 % with crystal malts which enhance the beer's body and color. Hangtown hops Placerville Pale Ale at three separate times, once at the beginning of the boil with Chinook hops, again half way through the boil with Cascade hops, and finally just prior to the whirlpool again with Cascade hops. The use of the Cascade hops both during the boil and at the finish give Placerville its pleasant fruity, floral nose and slightly bitter finish.
A very nice golden color (not a wimpy-looking Pilsener) with both hops and malt prevalent in the nose which hints at a rich pale malt character. Note a dry and clean maltiness up front with a moderately strong hop finish. This flavorful, medium-bodied, German-style Pilsener is rich in flavor and delicately balances its hop/malt profile. Very nicely done.
The city of Placerville, once known as "Hangtown" derived its name soon after James Marshall discovered flecks of gold in the trail race of his sawmill located on the banks of the American River. The news spread rapidly and soon more than a thousand men were working the camp near the original site which was known then as Dry Diggins because the miners had to cart the dry soil down to the running water to wash out the gold. But not all newcomers were interested in gathering their share of the plentiful wealth by such back-breaking labor. Murders and robberies became frequent in isolated camps and after one such incident in early 1849, an impromptu citizens' jury met to consider the fate of three accused. The jury wasted little time reaching a verdict and quickly decided to hang the men. Word spread quickly and soon, Dry Diggins was known as Hangtown. By 1854, Hangtown was the 3rd largest city in California and as a prospering city, so came pressure to determine a less morbid name for it. It was promptly renamed Placerville in the same year. In 1993 the Hangtown Brewery was established as a 15 barrel brew house in a 500 sq./ft. shop behind the home of its founder and accoladed homebrewer, David Coody. On June 10th, the brewery moved into its current location in the heart of historic Placerville. The brewery is an entirely family run business and currently produces three Ales. David has plans to introduce a wheat beer as well as a tangerine beer. Hangtown's tasting room is open 7 days a week and is located at 560 A Placerville Dr., across from Noah's Ark.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (916) 621-3999.
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