Hangtown Brewing Company - Placerville Boysenberry Ale

Hangtown Brewing Company - Placerville Boysenberry Ale

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Hangtown Brewing Company - Placerville Boysenberry Ale

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    40-45° F
Placerville's Boysenberry Ale is brewed with a combination of two- row Pale and Crystal malts. David adds Chinook hops up front during the 60 min. boil to bitter the beer and a healthy dose of Cascade hops at the end of the boil to give this fruit ale and even fruitier nose. A proprietary ale yeast strain is used.
This fruit ale starts, as you might suspect, with the fruity aroma of Boysenberries which is complemented by the beer's floral hop notes. Look for a slight butterscotch scent as well in this clear, pale, medium-bodied beer. Note a clean maltiness in the body nicely balanced with a slight hop bitterness and the return of Boysenberry in the finish. Overall, a very flavorful, well-balanced American Fruit Ale.
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