Ipswich Ale Brewery - Route 1A

Ipswich Ale Brewery - Route 1A

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Double / Imperial IPA


United States

Bottle size:


Alcohol by Volume:


Ipswich Ale Brewery - Route 1A

  • ABV:

  • Bottle Size:

  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    47-53° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip or Snifter
  • Malts:

    Maris Otter, Pilsner, Honey
  • Hops:

    Columbus, Amarillo, Ahtanum, Mandarina
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This limited-production Double IPA does not see widespread distribution; in fact, it was first brewed as a pub-exclusive for the opening of Ipswich’s Brewer’s Table restaurant. Pouring a bright golden color, Route 1A offers up big, vivid citrus notes akin to tangerine, orange, and even a bit of pineapple – very characteristic of Mandarina hops, a relatively new German variety – as well as some floral character. On the palate, this is a bold brew: the hop profile follows in step with the aroma, presenting prominent citric juice and a zesty, resinous quality backed up by soft floral tones. Hop bitterness is firm, but not crushing like many other DIPAs; instead the Ipswich brewers chose to focus more on the fruity & floral characteristics rather than simply driving the IBUs into the stratosphere. The malt character comes across quite robust, though not heavily caramelized. Instead, look for a touch of honey and some biscuity overtones, while some mild residual sweetness offers balance for the bitterness and the alcohol which, to our palates, added a spicy impression. DIPAs can be tough to pair with food, but sweet, salty, and spicy foods can offer some good choices. A maple-glazed ham or spicy sausage with mustard can present a good match, as would a snack of sharp or pungent cheeses. The beer is bold enough to stand up to almost anything, and the hop bitterness can easily cut through fat, not unlike the acid in wine. Cheers!

The roots of Ipswich Ale Brewery go back to the founding of Ipswich Brewing Company in 1991, making 2016 the 25th anniversary of this icon of Massachusetts’ North Shore. In 1999, the former Ipswich brewmaster, Rob Martin, bought the brewery from founders Paul Sylva and Jim Beauvais. The brewery sold their Ipswich branded beers under the name of Mercury Brewing Company for many years before transitioning the branding entirely to Ipswich Ale Brewery more recently.

The brewery is situated in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a town on the seaside northeast of Boston. In 2013, the brewery was moved into a new, larger location which used to be home to Soffron Brothers Clams. In January of this year, Rob and the team at Ipswich opened a new restaurant adjacent to the brewhouse. Known as Ipswich Ale Brewer’s Table, the gastropub offers traditional pub fare along with more sophisticated offerings, and it boasts 15 taps, including some exclusive limited-edition Ipswich beers you can only get at the restaurant.

Additionally, Ipswich has also come out with a complete line of hand-crafted soda-pop and a mustard imbued with Ipswich Oatmeal Stout. And, we have to mention this: you can rent one of their Tapmobiles for special events, to enjoy up to eight of your favorite Ipswich beers and sodas from taps running along the side of a classic old delivery truck converted into a party-mobile extraordinaire. How awesome is that?! For more information about the brewery, their beers and sodas, and scheduled tours, call 978-356-3329 or visit them at www.ipswichalebrewery.com.

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